When you are using traditional air purifier, air from outside with PM 2.5 would keep coming in from windows, which means you can never get rid of PM 2.5 from its source. If you are trying to shut all the window and prevent all the air exchange between inside and outside, which will lead to lack of fresh air.

Are you bored with putting so many purifiers in nearly every room of your house? Have you ever heard of air system purifier technology which will definitely solve your problem with much better user experience. To add professional air purification devices in the air intake, we can guarantee all the air we breathing in are 100% clean and free from PM 2.5.

We choose IQAir Perfect 16 series product because it can meet the highest purifier system standard – MERV 16. Up to 97.7% efficiency for PM2.5,and 96.7% for PM 0.3, making your indoor air quality better than WHO standard.

Since the airflow for IQAir Perfect 16 can reach airflow as big as 3000 m³/h, so it is also widely used in office systematic air solutions.